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Cheon adopts the contemporary street food concept from Korea which has a concept in the mall, so everyone who visits the mall can enjoy our Korean food while enjoying the atmosphere in the mall.

The concept of traditional Korean food served with bamboo skewers, this food is in great demand by millennials and adults.


Years of experience, established since 2019


More than 10K pcs sold

To create and maintain the quality of taste,

We use selected ingredients of the finest quality that have been adjusted to Indonesian taste of course with the halal label.

The combination of korean hotdog with mozzarella inside wrapped with various spices has its own uniqueness, it will be tasted when people eat it.

Cheon (천)

Comes from the Korean language which means thousands and blue sky.

We hope that Cheon can have thousands of branches both domestically (Indonesia) and abroad and can be a new pleasure for thousands of people from every opening of one Cheon outlet.

Besides that, Cheon (천) also means blue sky as a new hope of a real struggle. Main colour of Cheon is yellow (represents mozzarella cheese) and blue (represents sky).

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