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Partnership Towards Opportunity

Join the hype! The opportunity will not come twice.



Explore the hype and join the hype
1200++ corndogs sold on 1st day of launch
850++ corndogs sold on 1st day of launch
800++ corndogs sold on 1st day of launch
700++ corndogs sold on 1st day of launch
1050++ corndogs sold on 1st day of launch</h5

Our Main Goals

To maintain the timeless brand, we work in areas of long-term interests and people like on it. Thats result on loyal customers come back to us, not just once the hype without giving them a great experience when tasting our products.

Made with Integrity

We believe, when people love our taste. They would tell it to another people without hesitate.

Korean Style Focused

We do follow trends. Absolutely, because k-pop and k-drama fans need chingu (friends) for their hobbies. To be sure our goal is to be their best friend, not just a friend.

Quality over Quantity

Rather than focusing serving people with bunch of topping nor enlarge size, by compromise our quality. Which does not make people feel anything special when taste it.

We mainly focused on taste (quality), because we have come to introduce the most delicious korean hotdog in Indonesia.

Cheon has calculated everything. Do not hesitate about marketing, concept, and staff-training.

Enjoy your quick BEP (Break Event Point). Our business is still in trend. Of course it will last for a long time.

Don’t worry about stocking ingredients. We help you remind everything is ready to operate and always available.

There is a guarantee of taste quality with easy and profitable partnership system